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Helping you target, attract, engage and turn your dream prospects into customers.


Just like you, I’ve had to deal with the real world problems of being in business and still do. You can learn more about my business experience by visiting LinkedIn.


The digital space is infested with pathetic bullshitters. I’m not one of them. Click on the zoom call link above and make up your own mind. I’m the real deal.


AI assisted content ideation. Capturing winning topic ideas becomes effortless.


Content your prospects love. Let AI powered research and creativity take away the guesswork.


With optimal visibility in mind. Carefully crafted with both search bots and people in mind.


Where your audience gathers. Engagement worthy content that draws your crowd in.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a strategy focused on building the authority and organic visibility of your business in the places that matter most online – that is to say – the places where people are actively searching for information about what you sell and in the digital communities where those people gather.

What is is a done for you service that provides a search intent focused, hands-free, digital content marketing solution. Assisted by AI, drives focused website visitation, opportune social media engagement, pinpoint targeted inquiries, higher value sales and improved customer retention.


What is The Process Like? commences with simple research and planning. Moving on to the tactical, our skilled team executes in a manner dictated by a pragmatic strategy. Monitoring is conducted via our Reporting Dashboard, with real-time data available to you and your team 24/7. We review results with you regularly, and necessary revisions to your tactics are embraced. We then rinse and repeat your winning, profitable formula. It’s that simple.

1. Research & Planning

The best starting point for any content marketing plan is taking a hard look at what you’re doing right now.

  • What tactics are you employing?
  • How does that align with your strategy?
  • Do you even have a clear strategy?
  • What results are you getting?
  • What could be done better?
  • What shouldn’t you be doing at all?

Once we have a handle on your strategic objectives, we’ll create a content marketing plan that fits your strategy. With your input, we’ll decide which tactics are required to breathe life into that strategy and develop a plan to make it happen.

2. Initiation & Execution

Perfect is the enemy of done. Our job is to get things done. That’s more than half the battle with content marketing won. Diligent execution.

Our team of copywriters, AI operators, graphic designers, webmasters, SEO specialists, coders and social media specialists will do what’s needed – and will complete tasks to a consistently high standard – all whilst using the latest in artificial intelligence, robotic process automation and other specialist digital marketing tools.

3. Monitoring & Reporting

What do you want to monitor and measure – and why?

Data is completely meaningless without a specific context. It’s also meaningless if you or your team are unable to understand or interpret it. We can help to make your data meaningful, including customised data visualisation, if required.

By default, you and nominated team members will have 24/7 access to our Reporting Dashboard. Monitored in real-time, the dashboard provides visibility across your content marketing efforts, including select social media channels.

You’ll also be emailed a detailed report on the 1st of each month, which details progress across all monitored channels in the previous month.

4. Review & Revise

No plan is perfect. Some aspects of your strategy may be off. It’s almost certain that some of the tactics you employ will be more or less effective. That’s why we carefully monitor results – so we have facts to guide us.

At regular intervals, we’ll meet with you and your team to review results and make an assessment about how well your strategy is working. We’ll also look at what you need to do in order to make it perform better – and make the appropriate adjustments.

5. Rinse, Repeat & Profit

Inevitably, some things that you do will work better than others. The idea is to do more of what works, do less of what doesn’t work and experiment with new things that might work.

That’s how you drive increased traffic to your web properties, generating more enquiries and sales. provides a data-driven pathway, allowing you to know with clarity what works and where to invest more of your content marketing spend. Packages

Short Range Sniper

Designed for businesses with a localised geographic reach.

More Details

You want local people to buy from you. That means you need a website and social media pages that are optimised with local people in mind.

Search Intent

Google attributes localised intent to more than 50% of all searches. They need to know that yours is a locally focused business, otherwise, how can they direct traffic to your website?


Your website and Google My Business page need to be optimised in order to earn local organic rankings and traffic. Google won’t just give it to you.


Your content needs to be structured to support localised search intent, rather than focusing on the larger issues associated with your products and services.

Social Media

For you, it’s all about making yourself “recommend worthy” in your local community, as well as credible and visible.

Short Range Sniper

Get the plan you need, executed by professionals who know how to bring your strategy to life using tried and tested tools and tactics.

Medium Range Sniper

Designed for businesses with a city or regional geographic reach.

More Details

You want people to buy from you from a specific city across a region. That means your website and social pages require a tight focus.

Search Intent

Google attributes localised intent to more than 50% of all searches. They need to know the locations where you are localised to direct traffic to your website.


Your website and Google My Business page(s) need to send the right signals in order to earn organic rankings and traffic. Google doesn’t give it away.


Your pages need to be structured to support a city or regionally focused content rather than issues more generally associated with what you sell.

Social Media

Your business needs to come across as authoritative and credible. Larger than most localised businesses, but still friendly and approachable.

Medium Range Sniper

Get the done for you content marketing plan that your business needs, driven by professionals using proven tools and tactics.

Long Range Sniper

Designed for businesses with a national geographic reach.

More Details

Whether you are located in one place or a hundred, your business serves the entire country. That means your website and social pages require a national focus.

Search Intent

Whilst Google attributes localised intent to more than 50% of all searches, that may or may not be where the action is at for you. That depends on a variety of factors.


Your website needs to rank in organic search results for shorter, more challenging keywords. Maybe even single words or a brand. Earning that is tough.


Your content should be focused of the big issues around the products and services that you sell. Your goal should be to evolve into an authority website.

Social Media

Your business needs the voice of an industry leader. Authoritative enough to be heard and believed above the noise of the crowd. An industry drawcard.

Long Range Sniper

Develop a strategy and execute your plan with focused tactics, using proven warriors. Prove and improve the ROI on your ongoing content marketing spend.

Make your marketing feel less like marketing and more like salvation.